Md. Khaled Bin Chowdhury

  •  Associate Professor & Chairman


    B.A (Hons.), M.A in English (CU), MA in Practice of English Language Teaching. ( University of Hertfordshire, UK ), Certificate in English Teaching to Adults, University of Cambridge.

    September, 2018 – to date- University of Islamic Science Malaysia (USIM) Pursuing Ph.D with the title ‘Exploring the implementation of blended learning approach in teaching an English writing course at a Bangladeshi University in the Department of  English Language Studies, Faculty of Major Language Studies and awaiting Final defense.  

    September, 2010-September, 2011 (University of Hertfordshire),United  Kingdom, Master of Arts in Practice of  English Language Teaching (Commendation), (60-69%) marks -Dissertation submitted is ‘Communicative Language Teaching Approach at Higher Secondary Level in Bangladesh – Teachers’ Perceptions and Classroom Practice.’

    1994-1995 (University of Chittagong) Master of Arts in English Literature, 5th Position.

    1988-1993 (University of Chittagong) Bachelor of Arts (Honors) English Literature, 5th Position.

    1987-Higher Secondary Examination, Humanities Group, Cumilla Board.

    1985- Secondary School Certificate Examination, Humanities  Group, Cumilla Board.

  • Chairman, Dept. of English, BGC Trust University Bangladesh.

    January, 2016 to February 2017

    Worked as the Director of Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), a subproject of HEQEP, UGC at BGC Trust University Bangladesh

    November 2017 to date

    Working as Head of the Self-assessment Committee of the Department of English, BGC Trust University Bangladesh

    March 2012 to 2021    

    Worked as the Convener of the Central Examination Coordination Committee of BGC Trust University Bangladesh  

    Personal E-mail:


  • Teaching expertise

    Associate Professor, Department of English, BGC Trust University Bangladesh, Chattogram

    June 2018 to date.

    Assistant Professor

    December 2011 to May 2018


    February 2006 to November 2011


    February 1996 to January 2006

    Raozan College, Raozan, Chattogram

    Professional Training:

    May 02, 2016 to May 14, 2016

    Participated in a two-week-long training program on Quality Assurance in Higher Education in Malaysia under the  HEQEP Project of the UGC and the Ministry of Education, Bangladesh Government

    February 12, 2012 to March13, 2012

    Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA), a certificate course offered by the University of Cambridge with Pass grade 


  • Research Interests

    Classroom interaction,  Leaning theories.

  • Research Publications

    1. Md Khaled Bin Chowdhury, Kazi Shahidul Islam, and Md Abdur Rashid (2022).  University students’ reticence in English language classes and outside: A micro-level study from socio-economic perspectives, BGC Trust University Journal, Vol.6 2022. ISSN 2073-5448.

    2. Md Khaled Bin Chowdhury (2022). Is cooperative learning strategy effective  in improving the interpersonal skills of English literature graduates of Bangladesh?-A Quasi-experimental study, Journal of Pundra University of Science and Technology,Vo.1, Issues1. 2022.

    3. Md Khaled Bin Chowdhury & Fariza Binti Puteh Behak (2022). Implementing blended learning in Bangladeshi universities: Challenges and opportunities from student perspectives., Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education ISSN: 2685-4252 (Online) and ISSN: 2685-0540 (Print) Vol. 4, No. 2, July 2022, pp: 168 – 185 DOI: 168.

    4. Md Khaled Bin Chowdhury,  Fariza Binti Puteh Behak, Mahamudul Hassan & Tanzin Sultana (2022). Investigating the use of blogs for teaching  writing courses  to undergraduates, Journal of Education and Social Sciences, 10(1). 17-36. DOI: 10.20547/jess1012210102.

    5. Md Khaled Bin Chowdhury & Fariza Binti Puteh Behak, (2022).  Online higher education in Bangladesh during Covid-19: Its challenges and prospects. 4 ( 1).15-28.  utamax : journal of ultimate research and trends in education. doi:

    6. Md Khaled Bin Chowdhury (2020). A Saudi student learning English: A study on L1 interference and remedial teaching, USTA 2020 University of Science and Technology. ISSN : 1728-0435,24(1)

    7. Md Khaled Bin Chowdhury (2019). A comparative study on the secondary students’ English learning outcomes in the rural and urban area of Bangladesh with a focus on CLT.  Prime University Journal Vol.12, No.1.(ISSN. 1995-5332)July- Dec, 2019.

    8. Md Khaled Bin Chowdhury (2018). CLT approach in Bangladesh: A study from the socio-cultural and pedagogic perspectives has been accepted for Horizon, the peer-reviewed literary Journal of the Department of English, University of Chittagong, issue 5, Dec’ 2018.

    9. Md Khaled Bin Chowdhury and Mahamuda Akter (2017). Medium of instruction in private universities of Bangladesh: An urban-rural divide, BGC Trust University Journal volume -4, December, 2017, ISSN 2073-5448).

    10. Md Khaled Bin Chowdhury (2017). Is universal English education from the primary level in Bangladesh necessary? A domain-wise study, International Journal of Research in English Education (IJREE, ISSN 2538-3027) December, 2017(Vol. 2 Number 4).

    11. Md Khaled Bin Chowdhury (2017). The role of authentic materials in raising the motivation of students in the classroom, Prime University Journal Vol.10, No.2. (ISSN. 1995-5332) in July- Dec, 2017.

    12. Md Khaled Bin Chowdhury and Shakila Mustaque (2016). Feedback on writing: the tertiary level EFL teachers’ perceptions and practices, BGC journal, Vol.3, Dec, 2016.

    13. Md Khaled Bin Chowdhury (2015). Are Anglo-centric ELT course books suitable in EFL contexts? BGC Journal, Vol. 2,No.1,December, 2015 ISSN2073-5448.pp-7591.

    14. Md Khaled Bin Chowdhury and Shakila Musraque (2014). Do we need to look for an alternative to CLT in Bangladesh? A study from secondary level teachers’ perspective, Language in India ISSN 1930-2940, Vol. 14:6 June 2014, pp.159-179.

    15. Md Khaled Bin Chowdhury (2014). A Study of English teachers’ teaching practice from the perspective of a textbook, Journal of English Language, Literature and Culture,vol-3, Number1March,2014,ISSN,23046120(Print),23046163(online). English- Language- Literature- and- Culture/home.

    16. Md Khaled Bin Chowdhury (2014). Classroom interaction: Tension between belief and practice: A case study of a university teacher, Global Journal of Human- Social Science,(G), Vol. xiv, Issue iii, Version-1 Year2014,pp.29-34.

    17. Md Khaled Bin Chowdhury (2013). Is the spread of English as a world language a positive or negative development ?, Language in India ISSN 1930-2940 Vol. 13:5 May 2013,pp. 1-6. 

    18. Md Khaled Bin Chowdhury (2011). A review of David Crystal’s book ‘English as a Global Language, in University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh Journal of English Studies, Crossings, Vol.3, No.1 Fall 2011, ISSN2071-1107, pp.328-33.   

    19. Md Khaled Bin Chowdhury (2009). Schemata and their relevance in L2 reading, BGC Journal, Vol. 1, No.1, March 2009 ISSN2073-5448, pp.182-90.

  • Others Publications

    Contribution to Newspapers:

    Writing regularly on national and international issues for local and national Bangla and English dailies, such as, The Azadi, The  Purbokone and The Daily Observer, The Daily Sun, and The Independent.


    Conducted a series of workshops on Self-assessment and quality assurance mechanism for the Self-assessment Committees of the Computer science and Engineering Dept. and Pharmacy Dept.

    Presented paper titled “Communicative Activities in the H.S.C. English Textbook: Theories and Classroom Practice” in the Dept. of English, BGC Trust University.

    Presented a paper titled “Lesson Planning for Language Teaching: What, Why and How”? at a workshop for Secondary English teachers organized by Bandarban Sadar Upazila Administration.

    Conducted a workshop session titled “L2 Reading Strategies‟ at the 3rd BELTA workshop, Chittagong Chapter held at BGC Trust University, Chittagong.

    Presented a seminar on Manners and Etiquette at the Department of English, BGCTUB 


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