Md. Mizanur Rahman

  •  Lecturer


    ·  M.S (Eng.) in Computer Science & Engineering (Pursuing Thesis)

    University of Chittagong

    ·  B.Sc (Eng.) in Computer Science & Engineering

    University of Chittagong

  • Muhammad Mizanur Rahman is serving as a Lecturer at BGC Trust University Bangladesh in Department of Computer Science and Engineering. His professional background includes training in teaching techniques, competitive programming, practical research, and advanced computing technologies. He is currently pursuing his M.S (Eng.) at the University of Chittagong after completing his B.Sc. (Eng.) in Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) at the University of Chittagong.  He has obtained various certifications and training in a variety of fields, including Apps Development, ITEE, and IPV6 Deployment. Internet of Things (IoT) , machine learning, deep learning, Computer Vision, Image Processing, Natural Language Processing are some of the areas in which he is interested in conducting research and working.


  • Teaching expertise

    • Lecturer  (1st January , 2024 ~ till date )

    Department of Computer Science and Engineering, BGC Trust University Bangladesh, Chittagong-4381, Bangladesh.

    • Jr. Lecturer  (17th July 2022 ~ 31st December , 2023)

    Department of Computer Science and Engineering, BGC Trust University Bangladesh, Chittagong-4381, Bangladesh.

    • Lecturer (1st April, 2022 – 8th July, 2022)

    Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Cox’s Bazar International University, Bangladesh

    • Lecturer (15th January, 2020 – 2nd August, 2021)

    Department of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Creative Technology Chittagong, Chattogram


    • Structured programming with C
    • Object Oriented Programming with C++
    • Digital Signal Processing
    • Fundamentals of Computer
    • Database System Concepts
    • Data Communications
    • Theory of Computation.
    • Compiler
    • Computer Networks

  • Research Interests

    Internet of Things (IoT), Image Processing, Machine learning, Deep learning, Computer Vision, Natural language processing.

    Areas of Expertise

    • Internet of Things (IoT): The Internet of Things, or IoT, is the collective term for the billions of physical objects that are now linked to the internet and actively collecting and exchanging data. With the advent of incredibly affordable computer chips and the widespread use of wireless networks, anything may become a component of the Internet of Things, from a pill to an airplane. By connecting all these various items and equipping them with sensors, digital intelligence is added to otherwise dumb gadgets, allowing them to relay real-time data without a human being's involvement.
    • Deep learning: Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning techniques called deep learning model how people acquire specific types of information. Data science, which also encompasses statistics and predictive modeling, contains deep learning as a key component. Deep learning makes this process quicker and simpler, which is very advantageous to data scientists who are entrusted with gathering, analyzing, and interpreting massive amounts of data.
    • Image Processing: Image processing involves converting a physical image to a digital format and applying specific operations on it in order to produce an improved image or extract additional valuable data from it. It is a sort of signal time where the output can be an image or attributes related to that image and the input can be an image, such as a video frame or image.
    • NLP (Natural Language Processing): Natural Language Processing (NLP) allows machines to break down and interpret human language. It’s at the core of tools we use every day – from translation software, chatbots, spam filters, and search engines, to grammar correction software, voice assistants, and social media monitoring tools.

    Training & Workshop :

    • Innovation Workshop for Mobile Apps Development
    • IPV6 Deployment in Enterprise Network


    Bangladesh Computer Society (BCS)


    Full Passer in ITEE (IT Engineers Examination) in FE level.

    Extra-curricular activities:

    Convener of IoT exhibition


Campus Address

Address: "BGC Biddyanagar" Chandanaish, Chattogram, Bangladesh



Phone: 03033-56193

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Fax: +880-31-2550224