Sanjida Nusrat Lovely

  • Sanjida Nusrat Lovely has been working as an Assistant professor in the Department of Business Administration at the BGC Trust University Bangladesh. She has had M.Phil. degree in Management, especially in Ethical Behavior from the Department of Management, CU. Mrs Sanjida is currently pursuing PhD program in Professional Development especially HRM from the Department of Management, CU.

    She has published 5(five) peer-reviewed papers and attended different conferences to present research work in the above research areas.

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  • Teaching expertise

    Assistant Professor                 

    From 1st July, 2022 – Continuing.

    Department of Business Administration.

    BGC Trust University Bangladesh,


    From10th January, 2012 – 30th June, 2022.    

    Department of Business    Administration.

     BGC Trust University Bangladesh,


    From 1st June, 2011 – 31st December, 2011.

    Faculty of Business Administration.

    Southern University Bangladesh

  • Research Interests

    Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior & Management.

  • Research Publications

    1. Sanjida Nusrat Lovely, Nazmoon Akhter “Factors Affecting the Use of Alternative Delivery Channels: A Study on the Customers of Private Commercial Bank in Bangladesh” BGC Trust University Journal, Volume.6, pp- 281-318, ISSN: 2073-5448, July-2022

    2. Sanjida Nusrat Lovely, Dr. Md. Khaled Afzal, Dr. Zahurul Alam & Dr. Hasanath Ali “Factors influencing ethical behavior and their impact on the performance of private commercial banks in Bangladesh”, Journal of Business Studies, Institute of Business Administration (IBA), University of Rajshahi, Vol. 12, No. 2, December, 2020.

    3. Sanjida Nusrat Lovely, Dr. Md. Khaled Afzal & Dr. Zahurul Alam “Impact of job satisfaction and organizational commitment on job performance of private bank employees in Bangladesh”, The USV annals of economics and public administration, Vol. 19, pp. 112-123, Issue 2(30) 2019.

    4. Sanjida Nusrat Lovely & Rozina Akther “Impact of work stress and job satisfaction on female employees job performance in the private commercial banks of Bangladesh”, BGC Trust University Journal, Volume.5, ISSN: 2073-5448, December-2018.

    5. Sanjida Nusrat Lovely & Amanul Hoque “Effect of Ethical Behavior on Organizational Performance: An Evaluation with Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction in Bangladesh”, BGC Trust University Journal, Volume.4, ISSN: 2073-5448, December-2017.


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